Permanent Exhibitions

Special Exhibition of the Ceramic Pillows Donated by Mr. and Mrs Young Wing Tak

Date:January 09,2018       Publisher:admin


The ceramic pillows on display are mainly donated to the museum by the renowned Hong Kong collector and industrialist Mr.Yeung Wing Tak and his wife Madame Yeung Cheung Shui Ching.

Mr. and Mrs. Yeung’s collection, two hundred pillows is unparalleled in terms of the quantity, quality, comprehensiveness and provenance of the pieces. The pillows range in dating from the Tang to the Yuan Dynasties, most of which are produced during the Song and Jin Dynasties. There are a rich variety of glazing, potting in forms. While there is no lack of exquisite examples in this collection, certainly none is more important than the cloud-shaped pillow with lavender blue glaze from the imperial Ru Kiln. It is not only the largest of the Ru pieces, found now but also the first known example of pillow in this exceedingly rare type of ware.